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“Adventurous” investors: a new problem of the state.

Authors: Anatoliy Amelin, Olga Khomenko, Igar Tyshkevich

On November 15, the Rada almost unanimously (2 votes – against, 5 – abstained) adopted a law regulating the procedure of refunding investors who became victims of bank fraud.

Public outcry was caused by the situation of bank “Mykhailivskyi”, owned by the representative of the Yanukovych “family”. Depositors of the bank were affected by the machinations with deposits – bank acted as an intermediary between the client and non-banking institution, which invested funds at high interest rates. On the one hand, this is the fault of the investors themselves who in the pursuit of high profits did not provide for the risks, and on the other hand, it is the fault of the wheeler-dealer bank.