Oleksandr Chebanenko, an expert on the law enforcement and judicial systems reform programme of the UIF, has listed the main steps that must be made by the state to conduct a real deoligarchization of media.

We suggest to get a view of the basic possible steps that must be made by the state to conduct real deoligarchization of media.

– ensuring transparency of ownership structure, including disclosure of ultimate beneficiaries;

– reforming current legislation regarding access to information;

– mandatory public reporting by the media on the shareholding structure, management and financing – annually and on the eve of elections;

– the obligation to sign collective labour agreements in the media (with mandatory conditions prohibiting media management from dismissal of journalists and editors without a valid reason, deterioration of wages and social security, etc.).

– introduction at the legislative level of restrictions on the amount of compensation from the media – to prevent their liquidation on a by-order basis;

Also, it is necessary to adopt comprehensive legislation on lobbying as soon as possible – to ensure greater transparency and professionalism in relations, including this area.