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Ukrainian Institute for the Future forms a Supervisory Board

The think tank Ukrainian Institute for the Future announced an open admission to the Supervisory Board. Elected authorized persons will monitor the organization’s observance of the democratic principles while working on research of the problematic themes in the economy, politics and public life of Ukraine.

“We want to create not just a public organization, but an Institution. In other words, it is an institution that will have a powerful direct impact on public life of a democratic European country that is developing in turbulent times.

A solid foundation for such a country is the intellectual elite, capable to predict, estimate and, if necessary, change the future of the country for the better.

We hope that the Ukrainian Institute for the Future will become such organization that will be able to gather representatives of the intellectual elite together.

I am sure that the cooperation of authoritative state officials with the Institute will lead to mutual trust between the society and scientists who are creating a strategy for the development of the country,” said Viktor Andrusiv, the Executive Director of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future.

Competition for the Supervisory Board will be held from November 1 to December 1, 2017. As a result, the founders of the Institute will select from 5 to 12 people.

The candidate for the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future has to be a recognized expert, who has the following qualities:

  • authority,
  • erudition,
  • presence of critical thinking,
  • competence in a certain field of activity (business, politics, economics, jurisprudence, etc.,
  • general awareness of the social and political life of the country and the presence of his/her own vision of the development of the country.

You can propose a candidate to the Supervisory Board among famous personalities in the comments under the publication on Facebook.

You can submit your own candidacy to the Supervisory Board by contacting the Administration of the Institute in any convenient way:

by phone number: +38 (044) 537-17-78

by email: [email protected]