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Priority action plan for industry development includes six basic industries

Sourse: Interfax-Україна

The Ukrainian Institute for the Future at the request of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine has prepared proposals for the priority action plan for industrial development in Ukraine based on the analysis of the state of the six key industries (mining, metallurgical, chemical and petrochemical, food industry, electric power engineering, machine building).

According to the press service of the ministry, the plan contains proposals for the target indicators of work for each industry for 2017-2018, instruments to achieve these indicators and the economic effect of applying economic policy measures.

The priority action plan includes 21 proposals for the government, the ministries and the parliament, which, according to the institute’s analysts, if successful, will attract $2.3 billion of investments and create an additional $4.3 billion of GDP.

“The Ukrainian Institute for the Future analyzed proposals from enterprises, industry associations, the experts personally met with the heads of enterprises,” First Deputy Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv said.

According to him, some proposals of industrialists contradict each other, and this is natural.

“But the ministry’s task now is to correct all inconsistencies, for this we will hold a broad discussion with the interested parties and experts,” Kubiv said.

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