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Experts of UIF commented on the new law on Donbas

The adoption of this bill, I wrote about it earlier, is the main and very important step for a successful discussion of all future scenarios. For the Minsk format (together with possible peacekeepers), the Law fixes the priority of security points, without their numbers, what is logical, since part of the important steps for Ukraine (the same border) in the text of Minsk-2 are postponed for an indefinite period “after the elections”. In this case there is a law – first of all security, and then everything else. And the Ukrainian side can already calmly and reasonably say that it cannot violate its own legislation for the sake of another compromise. And to change the law, there are needed some steps further from the other side.

Inna Gordienko

PR-director of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future

+380 44 537-17-78

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