Donald Tusk and Ursula von der Leyen

Following the results of the summit in Brussels, it became known who can lead the EU for the next five years. The expert of the “International policy” programme of the UIF Iliya Kusa spoke about the threats to Ukraine which a new set of candidates for key positions in the European Union portends.

The President of the European Council, the Prime Minister of Belgium, Charles Michel is a supporter of the idea of pragmatic relations with Russia. In other words, he supports negotiations and compromises. The viewpoint of Josep Borrell is clearer. He does not support the normalization of relations with Russia. He even made quite tough statements about Russian aggression. And this is a good sign for us because he is a good diplomat, an experienced veteran of Spanish politics and usually takes a rather tough position. But this does not mean that he will remain as principled as he is if the normalization of relations between the EU and Russia will be a systemic interest of the European elites, as Borrell does not define the EU policy, but adheres to it. The candidate for the office of the President of the European Commission, Minister of Defence of Germany, Ursula von der Leyen, just like Charles Michel, advocates pragmatic relations with Russia and rapprochement of Germany with Russia

Also, when choosing candidates, the geographical balance has been violated and this promises great problems and conflicts within the EU itself. Therefore, the polarization between the Eastern and Western European blocs will be more obvious and, apparently, this will further weaken the EU. This means that it will strengthen external players, such as Russia, for which it will be easier to use its lobbying structures. The reason for this is simple – these candidates were compromise ones and were elected in haste.

Inna Gordienko

PR-director of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future

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