» News » Ukrainian Institute for the Future was included in the working group on the creation of Hyperloop in Ukraine

Ukrainian Institute for the Future was included in the working group on the creation of Hyperloop in Ukraine

The think tank Ukrainian Institute for the Future (UIF) became a part of the working group on the creation of Hyperloop in Ukraine. A memorandum of cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure was signed on February 22 during a press conference with the participation of the Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan.

“We are pleased that the initiative of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future to publish a report on the prospects for the construction of innovative transport Hyperloop has found its practical continuation at the state level. We, undoubtedly, will continue to support the development of this initiative,” commented the Executive Director Viktor Andrusiv.

The proposal on cooperation came to the think tank because the Director of the Program “Infrastructure of the Future” Volodymyr Shulmeyster and Expert of the Program “Infrastructure” Yaroslav Pylypchuk were the first in Ukraine to explore the opportunities and economic feasibility of introducing Hyperloop technology in Ukraine. Already in July the researchers presented calculations, which were illustrated by infographics.

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Opportunities of Hyperloop in Ukraine

According to the calculations of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future (UIF), the construction of Hyperloop in Ukraine is economically feasible and theoretically possible under certain conditions.

In particular, UIF offered an estimate of the cost of the construction of Hyperloop along the route Kyiv-Odesa (488.4 km.), the cost of which is 3,6 billion USD.

Implementation of the Hyperloop project is possible providing:

a) partnership with companies that have specialized expertise concerning the construction of Hyperloop;

b) significant economic growth;

c) reduction of credit resources;

d) creation of appropriate building and engineering standards for this project.

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Hyperloop challenges in Ukraine

Hyperloop technology requires further security improvements and significant reduction in cost.

It was also investigated that the implementation of Hyperloop as of 2017 is economically unfeasible. In Ukraine, the significant cost of capital leads to significant difficulties in financing investment projects and their payback. Financing from the State Budget of Ukraine (according to calculations only in the direction of “Kyiv-Odesa” it is necessary 3,6 billion UAH) is impossible taking into account modern macrofinancial problems.

The full text of the report “Economic Assessment of Hyperloop in Ukraine” can be read and downloaded using the link: http://uifuture.org/uk/post/hyperloop-v-ukraini-ekonomicna-ocinka-doslidzenna_329.

Publications on advising the Ministry of Infrastructure by the representatives of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future in mass media.


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