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Ukraine’s Transport Strategy – to Put the Whole Southern Part of the Country in Concrete

Volodymyr Shulmeyster Interview for “Holos Stolytsi” (“Voice of the Capital”).

What do you think about this transport strategy in general?

– The very fact that a certain strategy has appeared is very good. People are thinking about the future, and it is great. Moreover, the strategy is not of 2020, as it was before, but of 2030, that is a little longer. For the infrastructure … well, the shortest horizon of planning is 15 years. Thus, there are some positive changes. However, Ukraine’s transport strategy is a part of Ukraine’s strategy alone. Economic strategy. For lack of that sort of, the fact that a strategy document is being drawn up now, means that it will be torn away from life, because the country’s strategy is unavailable. Economic strategy. If just to think logically about it, transport is the kind of transportation of people, cargos, and when we talk about what to transport, then it is very important to understand what the country specializes in, which industries it invests in, and what exactly we will transport. Will it be grain, ore, or will we go to processing and we are to transport the products of processing. Depending on what and where we have to transport, the transport strategy is being drawn up, and, accordingly, it will be clear … as in any economic model it is necessary to understand, depending on what and where we transport, transport flows depend on it and these transport flows. Moreover, these transport flows are the second constituent of what, that I have not seen yet, it is the interconnection with the world’s transport corridors. As far as Ukraine is not something that is torn off, we are, although, in the truncated form from the northern east, but we are a part of the transport corridors.