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“Citizens’ council of integrity”: first challenges

Author: Oleksandr Yevsieiev

On November 23, in the building of the High Qualification Commission of Judges (hereinafter – HQCJ) the first meeting of the “Citizens’ Council of Integrity” (hereinafter – CCI; Council) was held; it is a collegial institution of civil society, aimed at promoting, as stated in Art. 87 of the Law “On the Judicial System and the Status of Judges”, HQCJ, to establish compliance of the judge (the candidate for the post of judge) with the criteria of professional ethics and integrity for the purposes of the qualification assessment. Overall, the Council employs 20 people.

According to the calculations of one of its members, M. Zhernakov, 9 NGOs are represented in the CCI. Among them, there are 6 experts of the “Reanimation package of reforms”, 7 people with an academic degree, 3 ATO veterans. More than half of its members are qualified lawyers.