» News » Ukrainian authorities and Saakashvili on their way to abyss

Ukrainian authorities and Saakashvili on their way to abyss

Another round of epic in its absurdity presentation of the struggle between the former Georgian President and the Ukrainian authorities ended with Mykhailo Saakashvili’s release to freedom from the courtroom. Formally, nothing terrible has happened – just a confirmation of the thesis about freedom of the judicial power in Ukraine. The Prosecutor General has already stated that his department will appeal, and the investigators of General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine have already called Mr. Saakashvili for questioning. In fact, the situation is getting worse every day, and if several months ago you could choose between a negative and a positive scenario for the development of this situation, today you have to make a choice between bad and very bad scenario. One of the reasons for this is a “discretion planning”: instead of processing the sequence of actions, the authorities (and Saakashvili himself) react to the problem “here and now”, not really thinking about the prospects and consequences.