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Science Reform in Ukraine: street football or honest game

In January 2016, a new edition of the Law “On Science and Scientific and Technical Activities” came into force, it opened the regulatory gateways to cardinal changes in the field of science. In December 2016, there were published the results of an External independent audit of the scientific and innovative system of Ukraine, carried out by European experts within the framework of the EU’s Horizon-2020 programme. In its own way, this is an unprecedented step. And it’s not even the practical recommendations contained in the documents, but the very fact that for the first time in the history of independence NASU does not play the role of the protocol service for Ukrainian science, but the European organization does. Monopoly for truth is overcome at least on a symbolic level, and the assessment of affairs is carried out objectively and honestly. The question is: is it too late and will it go further than protocol handshakes?

Inna Gordienko

PR-director of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future

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