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The future of universities

In order to build a new generation higher education system in Ukraine, it is necessary to first understand the laws of the university’s evolution and to consider its basic elements in detail. For this reason, the Ukrainian Institute of the Future has initiated the Future of the University project, whose strategic goal is to formulate the concept of the New Ukrainian University, on the basis of which the transformation of the higher education system in Ukraine should take place. The proposed study is only the first part of the mentioned project.

We address the results of our work primarily to managers who make strategic decisions about individual higher education institutions and the education system as a whole, to those who influence these decisions.
their expertise or leadership. However, you will not find solutions in the proposed text. There are several reasons for this.

No solution in today’s dynamic world can be complete. Therefore, it should be reviewed regularly and the necessary adjustments made. This requires commands,
implementation responsibilities. How to act in a situation where there are no solutions, with a long horizon of consequences?
Ask questions, hypothesize, and test them in the format of design smart labs.