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Ukrainian investment market begins to revive

Results of M&A deals in 2017

According to the preliminary estimates of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, in 2017 the Ukrainian economy grew by 2.2% (in 2016 – by 2.3%), and domestic capital investments increased by 25% to $ 15 billion. However, the volume of foreign direct investments decreased by $ 1 billion to $ 2.9 billion.

Priority sectors of investment are agrarian, banking, financial, energy, and metallurgy.

Despite the reduction in the volume of foreign direct investment, the Ukrainian M&A market maintains a positive trend towards growth, compared to 2016 – by 33%. According to M&A database of Ukraine, 60 mergers and acquisitions were conducted with 11 countries-investors in 2017. The main investors were the residents of the country (41 transactions), RF on the second place (4 transactions), and Cyprus on the third place (3 transactions). 



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