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British military expert on what the president should be

Photo: newsua.biz

I have been asked many times in the last few weeks how to understand which person to choose for President. Here are my thoughts:

  • First and above all, the President must be honest and have integrity.
    • Do the candidates have money in offshore accounts, avoid tax or have secret dealings with others that the country does not know about?
    • Can they select, keep and support a good honest team for all organisations that will deliver what the country needs.
    • Will they pursue corruption and those who have been corrupt using the law to full effect?

  • The President must understand that they are the servant not the master of the people.
    • Will they create a proper working and fair legal system that treats all of Ukraine equally?
    • Will they be a team player in their working with the government, parliament and advisers and accept advice and help or will they act like a God with personal power?
    • Will they delegate power to the country or will they pull it to themselves?
    • Will they select their team and Ministers from the very best in the country or from friends?
    • Will they use power to enrich themselves and friends?
    • Will they support or punish activists and volunteers?
    • Will they ensure that the Police, National Guard and Security Services are not corrupt or Russian and are there for the country not for power.

  • The President must be able to communicate openly and intelligently both on the international scene and at home
    • Can they speak honestly to people or do they speak in “soundbites” and with Public Relations type messages to cover up their real level of achievements?
    • Can they tell the truth to friends and allies in away that attracts friends to Ukraine or will they play nonsense games like the 90% ready for NATO?

  • The President must be a capable Commander in Chief
    • Do they seem able to articulate a clear direction for the armed forces to follow or will they want to control day by day?
    • Will they select the best to be Minister and CHOD or select friends
    • Will they ensure that defence money is properly used for the front line or will they allow it to be stolen?
    • Will they support human rights for servicemen and veterans?
    • Will they reform the MOD and staff or leave the Soviet order to continue as now?
    • Will they deliver a proper inquiry about Illovaisk and Debaltseve?
  • The President must have vision and the ability to motivate the country to that vision
    • Do they show a real vision and plan of how to deal with Russia that does not mean capitulation and surrender?
    • Do they seem able to lead Ukraine to a better world where Christian values and honesty are prized?
    • Do they support reforms and reform Ministers like Suprun and the Health Ministry or do they criticise or ignore them?
    • Do they talk about and create policies to help motivate the country to a better economy and life?

  • The President must have moral courage and confidence
    • When faced with challenges like corruption or members of RADA going to Russia can the person make the morally right decision?
    • Will they choose the right course and punish friends who break the law or will they simply play a charade?

Glen Grant