Photo: evroportal

In recent years, Singapore has adopted a method called “productive failure”, which is mainly used to teach children mathematics. Students are first asked to try to do sums or solve the equation, and only then they receive an explanation on how to do it. It enables them not only to remember the solution better but also to overcome nontrivial tasks arising in life more effectively.

This way the ability is developing.

Is it possible to do the same in the Ukrainian school? It happens sporadically. For example, the project “Kompola” initiated by the students of 6th grade Nikita Shulga and Sophia-Christina Borisyuk. They came up with a way to recycle canteen wastes into compost. But despite the fact that the project is recognized and supported by the MES and the Ministry of ecology it continues to be extracurricular for young inventors.

Mykola Skyba, expert of the program “Education” of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future