Despite the fact that in May-July the Foreign Ministry called the situation “the artificially created aggravation in the information field”, for the second month in a row the situation is gaining momentum and becomes a reality.

In fact, we have already passed a certain point of no return and Azov is lost for the next few years. We have to admit it to ourselves. All we can do now is to try keeping the situation from getting worse.

The solution still exists, and it is quite simple. It would be enough to take civilian vessels and provide them with soldiers and weapons (heavy machine guns, anti-tank guns). Dozens, if not hundreds, of such vessels will be needed. I hasten to disappoint you: we will not use them for fighting. They are needed only for the escort of merchant ships to the Kerch Strait, and as a sign that Ukraine is not going to be indifferent and inactive in this situation. In such case, there is a big chance that the aggressor will retreat.