» News » UIF at Lviv Forum of Publishers has organized an educational cluster

UIF at Lviv Forum of Publishers has organized an educational cluster

Think tank the Ukrainian Institute for the Future (UIF) organized a thematic cluster “Education” at the Forum of Publishers, which was held in Lviv from September 14 to 16.

The cluster was headed by UIF expert Mykola Skyba. Pedagogues from all over Ukraine and from abroad came to Lviv at the invitation of the Institute.

“The educational system of Ukraine in the academic year 2017-2018 differs significantly from the previous one. Most changes are caused by global trends in education: – development of personality is more important than disciplines; – readiness for life challenges in the future is more important than successfully passed exams; – pedagogue is a partner, not a mentor; – education can have variants of forms (both formal and informal); – how and why it is necessary to study for adults to be successful in the future,” – explained Skyba.

The educational cluster was functioning on the territory of a new Center of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyy of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

60 speakers, 9 pedagogues-innovators from 7 regions of Ukraine, 15 partners took part in the events organized by the Ukrainian Institute for the Future.

Liliya Grynevych, the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, took part in the final discussion “Education in the country of future – strategic orienting points.” The Minister thanked Mykola Skyba for the report “Education in the turbulent world” and noted that the beginning of the functioning of the education reform requires a lot of work from the educators.

“We live in a post-Soviet educational system, which is Ukrainianized. There is an authoritarian style of teaching, lack of partnership, lack of communities and other parameters that are characteristic of civilized democratic open systems that work for the future.” Such sites, sprouts, were at that time outside the legislation. They existed as some points of growth that were necessary, otherwise, there would be no reforms. No, we are running for agents of change. We, the Ministry of Education, are looking for some tools, how to motivate and find the best people who will share their experience.