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Ukrainian Institute for the Future offers delegates assistance in negotiations

The think tank Ukrainian Institute for the Future (UIF) offers qualified assistance for Ukrainian delegations, which conduct official negotiations with organizations in Europe and the United States.

This was stated by the Executive Director of UIF Viktor Andrusiv.

“The Ukrainian Institute for the Future is ready to provide an analytical note for anyone who intends to hold official meetings overseas. In accordance with the topic of the meeting, the document will briefly present the main facts and figures, proposals, recommendations and questions that would be desirable to discuss with the strategic partners of our country. A group of analysts from our center (experts in law, politics, economics and socio-demographic themes) will collect and process all data, “Andrusiv said.

According to the Executive Director, this idea came to him during his trip to the USA, where he went to establish cooperation with colleagues from leading analytical centers: Atlantic Council, Wilson Center, Heritage Foundation, International Republican Institute, and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

“During meetings with American politicians and experts, I often heard complaints about the unpreparedness of our representatives. At the same time, the American side is very well prepared and has information in details. It leads to misunderstanding and lack of progress in the important issues for us,” Andrusiv said.

In order to receive an analytical note from the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, you need:

1. Decide on the topic of the official meeting

2. Write a letter on e-mail: [email protected] with the topic “Analytical note for the delegate”.

3. Briefly describe in this letter the content of the planned event and the participants.