» News » Number of electric cars in Ukraine will grow 125 times by 2030

Number of electric cars in Ukraine will grow 125 times by 2030

By 2030, the number of electric and hybrid cars in Ukraine can grow 125 times. Under the basic scenario – it is 700,000 cars (7% of the total car fleet in 2030). The speed of the transition to electric and hybrid cars largely depends on the effectiveness of attracting investment and public management. The task of the latter will be not to obstruct, but transparently provide permits, that is – to minimize bureaucratic runaround. An important step will be the formation of an infrastructure that would meet the pace of growth of electric cars. 

Electric car – is a technology that requires the creation of a special ecosystem for its full operation. This process involves a large number of interested parties. First of all, these are traditional players: auto manufacturers, dealers, manufacturers and installers of charging stations. Energy companies, battery disposal companies and companies that provide “second life” to batteries are the participants of the ecosystem of electric cars.

Therefore, in my opinion, it is necessary to focus until 2030 on the formation of an ecosystem for electric cars, including the spare parts market.