» News » Tatyana Yushchenko on elections to the Supreme Court: “Down with aggressive whining!”

Tatyana Yushchenko on elections to the Supreme Court: “Down with aggressive whining!”

Historically, since the time of the Revolution of Dignity, the justice system of Ukraine has undergone a rapid reform. It is believed that in the bloody events of late 2013 – early 2014, the guilt of the judges can be traced, more precisely of those of them who prohibited protest actions, arrested their participants, deprived them of their driving licenses. Everyone knows that the main goal of any judicial system is the peaceful resolution of even the most reactive conflicts, the punishment of criminals in accordance with the law and the justification of the innocents. For its implementation, it is necessary for the court to be authoritative, independent and fair. Society’s credibility is important. In Ukraine, the credibility of the current judicial system varies according to different estimates from 7 to 15%. Some politicians and journalists are convinced that it is equal to zero, at a time when in the countries of the European Union this indicator is consistently high. In order not to regain the past, but rather to gain new credibility, starting from 2014, a complex judicial reform has been declared, the essence of which is to cleanse the system of dishonest judges, admission of new, unblemished judges of justice, the adoption of qualitatively new legislation on the basis of which the court will operates. It is worth noting that all of the above processes are held simultaneously, because the public’s request for a fair trial does not suffer procrastination.