28 Dec 2017
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How Ukraine supplants "Russian world" from Belarusian television

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How Ukraine supplants
Igar Tyshkevich about TV program in Belarus for the New Year

How Ukraine supplants "Russian world" from Belarusian television

Author: ​Igar Tyshkevich
28 Dec 2017 12:38

Source: tsn.ua

Minsk puts best foot forward fight against Russian influence on TV - with the help of Ukrainian entertainment content.

Ukrainian TV channels with their entertainment content are used as an effective tool to reduce the Russian influence by the state Belarusian television. Moreover, today, it is more appropriate to talk not about equal competition between the Russian and Ukrainian content, but rather about the dominance of the latter in separate areas. We do not mean the news programs, of course, - Minsk is not inclined to dilute the information content with another foreign product – it cannot manage the Russian one. However, the TV series, the entertainment shows - this is what sets the framework for the following struggle of Belarus for "freestyle swimming".

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