15 Mar 2018
Comment Iliya Kusa

Spy scandal in Britain: who poisoned Sergii Skrypal and how will this end for Russia?

The text was published on "Khvylya" The attempt to kill the former Russian intelligence officer Sergii Skrypal and his daughter Yuliia in the British town of Salisbury has brought to mind very familiar, still relatively fresh, terrible cadres of year 2006 from the University College Hospital in London. Weakened by radiation, former Russian FSB officer Yuriy Lytvynenko, being on the...
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14 Mar 2018
Comment Iliya Kusa

Annual speech of Chinese Prime Minister: what does Beijing tell us about?

Authors: Iliya Kusa, Olga Khomenko On Monday, March 5th, the Prime Minister of China Li Keqiang presented an annual speech at the opening ceremony of the new session of the Chinese parliament - the National People's Congress. His speech was devoted to the development plans of the PRC for the next few years. The report, which consisted of...
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13 Mar 2018
Comment Denys Monastyrskyi

Appeal to People's Deputies on need to urgently adopt draft bill No.7547

On October 3, 2017, the Parliament adopted the Law of Ukraine "On making amendments to the Economic Procedural Code of Ukraine, the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine, the Code of Administrative Proceedings of Ukraine and other Legislative Acts" (draft bill No. 6232).
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