13 Dec 2017
Comment Мykola Skyba

"Struggle was for every word": Mykola Skyba commented on decision on language issue

Conclusion of the Venice Commission regarding the "language article" of the Law "On Education" does not oblige Ukraine to make changes. Mykola Skyba, expert of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, commented on this decision for “Ukrinform”. - We have, let's say, the relative diplomatic success of Ukraine. I would not call this decision of the Venice Commission a significant...
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12 Dec 2017
Comment ​Igar Tyshkevich

Freight traffic “Ukraine-RF” in Donbass via ORDLO cannot be restored

On December 11, Russia changed the routes of all long-distance trains: both freight and passenger in the direction Moscow – Rostov-on-Don and back bypassing Ukraine. In Russia, they declare the "strategic significance" of this event and estimate the damage to Kiev in the amount of more than $ 200 million, which the Russian Federation previously was paying for a rail...
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11 Dec 2017

Economist outlined problems of Russia's Central Bank in 2018

Russian economist Dmytro Nekrasov, at the request of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, prepared a forecast for Russia's economic development for year 2018. The full text of the report will be included in the main collection of analytical publications of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future (UIF) "Forecast 2018: Challenges and Opportunities".
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11 Dec 2017
Comment Yaroslav Pylypchuk

In 2030 Ukraine can increase river freight traffic by 4 times

The use of the Dnipro river and other rivers of Ukraine for the transportation of freights would cause a revolution in infrastructure until 2030. This is the opinion of Yaroslav Pylypchuk, the expert of the Infrastructure Program of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future.   "River transport has obvious advantages over the railway. Firstly, it is ecological, secondly, it...
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