14 Nov 2017

Conflict in Donbas as a captured plane

Viktor Andrusiv, the Executive Director of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, appeared at the National Institute for Strategic Studies during the presentation of the results of an expert study entitled "Risks and possibilities of consolidation and reconciliation in Ukraine in conditions of external aggression". publishes the theses of Andrusiv's performance unchanged.
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13 Nov 2017
Comment Yana Lavryk

Secrets of Ukrainian Institute for the Future’s plan as the basis of Marshall Plan for Ukraine

Ukrainian Institute for the Future (UIF) does not stand apart from the issues of implementing the Ukraine's economic breakthrough. If we realize only a part of the projects that were worked out in the UIF during the last year, Ukraine's GDP can be doubled in 5 years. We present the results of some studies that contain assessment of the impact...
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13 Nov 2017
Comment Andrian Prokip

The Northern Stream-2 is delayed. It’s too early to be excited

Why shouldn’t we be very excited at the failures of “Gazprom” with the “Northern Stream-2.” Recently, there has been loud optimism about the statement on the possible delaying of the Northern Stream-2 project due to possible changes in the legislation of Denmark and the European Union.
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